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Biography of Rev. Dr. Nathan M. Butler, Sr.

Reverend Dr. Nathan M. Butler, Sr. has been serving as Senior Pastor of the Righteous Church of God in Northeast Washington DC, since May of 1992. During his Pastorate, the church has grown tremendously and continues to flourish.

Being in active ministry for more than twenty-five years, Reverend Nate Butler’s experience as an educator includes: Minister of Education, Ministry to Men (BOMB – Bring Our Men Back), Youth & Young Adult Ministry, Prison Ministry, Singles, and Marriage Ministries.

Reverend Butler was ordained as a Deacon in 1981 by Elder William R Vicks, Sr and called to the Gospel Ministry in 1991. He is a son of the New PsalmistBaptist Church, in Baltimore Maryland, where Bishop Walter Scott Thomas, Sr., serves as Senior Pastor.

In addition to conferences, workshops and seminars, Reverend Butler serves on several leadership boards, and civic organizations. His ministry has privileged him to lecture and preach in Jamaica West Indies, Seoul Korea, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Warangal, Karimnagar India, Nairobi/Nakuru Kenya East Africa, Ghana West Africa, Berlin & Ramstein Germany, Panama Central America, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic, Aguascalientes Mexico, Zacapa Guatemala, Porte-au-Prince Haiti, Cuba and Israel.

February 2008 Pastor Butler was invited to attend and participate in the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) in Monaco for the 10th Special Session of the Governing Council / Global Civil Society Forum. Pastor Butler continues to serve on the Global Policy Committee for UNEP.

As a leader in the National and International community, Reverend Butler serves on the Board of Directors, Collective Empowerment Group and the Executive Director of the AARAMA (All America Relieving Adversity Ministers Association) www.aarama.org. Reverend Butler serves on the faculty at the Washington Baptist Theological Seminary, Pastoral Theology and is the Founder and Dean of the Kenya Distance Learning Program.

Reverend Butler is a native of Baltimore and attended Baltimore Public Schools. He holds Degrees from: The Baltimore College of Commerce, University of Baltimore, Trinity Lutheran Bible College, advanced studies at Capitol Bible Seminary, Accra and Cape Coast Universities in West Africa, Doctorate in Ministry, University of Lynchburg - Eastern Theology Seminary and Washington Baptist Theological Seminary.
Reverend Butler loves the Lord, loves life, and loves a challenge. He is an avid runner having completed several marathons. It is this enormous energy and capacity that has allowed him to not only serve in the church, but as a leader in several industries.

An extremely gifted and talented person, Reverend Butler has an extensive background in Banking/Finance, Computer Science, Aeronautical Engineering, and in Nursing Education. Serving in ministry he is able to draw upon his experiences in various fields to help persons navigate through life with excellence.

Reverend Butler is married to the former Ms. Sherry Sollers. They have two children, Nate, Jr. and Tia.


Ministry Staff

Reverend Nathan M. Butler, Sr. - Senior Pastor

Reverend Anthony L. Brooks, Sr. - Assistant Pastor

Reverend Walter L. Brooks - Associate Minister

Reverend Stephanie R. Jolley - Associate Minister

Minister Louise Marsh - Associate Minister

Minister Jennifer Holley - 

Deborah Pulley

Deacon James Smoot, Sr. - Chairman Emeritus

Missionary Roni Brooks - President

Robert Vicks - Chairman

Deacon Pedro Mills

Peggy Mills

Church History

Church History

Realizing the great need for the Gospel and in answer to the Call of God, the Righteous Church of God and Truth Association was founded and organized by our late Pastor, Elder William R. Vicks Sr. on March 15, 1949.

In the church's infancy, Elder Vicks and the members adopted the motto, "We Will Stand For Right" and has, throughout the years, striven to hold a high standard of righteousness; preaching the Gospel to the saving of souls.

The Righteous Church of God is dedicated to the winning souls for Christ. Our aim is to preach the Gospel, in its fullness, with simplicity, that men might know the reality of serving God in this present age.

The church was originally located at 25th & Eye Streets, NW. But after moving to several different locations, in 1951, the church moved into its present sanctuary. This structure has been renovated and remodeled a number of times with many additions and improvements both inside and out. The last improvement, under the pastorate of Elder Vicks, was the addition of the Fellowship Hall, and the upgrade of the kitchen facilities.

Elder Vicks' Ministry was well known for his devotion to the sick and shut-in. The Righteous Church of God broadcasted for 40 years over Radio Station, WANN (Annapolis, MD) to minister to these persons, as well as people in the surrounding suburbs of the Greater Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area. Many souls were converted through his hospital ministry as well as the church's Outreach Ministry.

Elder Vicks served the church, faithfully, for 42 years until the Lord called him from labor to reward on June 18, 1991.

As we look beyond the past and now into our present day, the church called Rev. Nathan Butler to serve as Pastor in 1992. Rev. Butler has implemented several new ministries at the Righteous Church of God. Under his leadership souls have been saved and many have re-dedicated their lives to the work of the Master.

Pastor Butler led the church in a building expansion program resulting in the completion of a brand new sanctuary. The church is equipped with many amenities and a state of the art audio-visual system. RCG is poised to do ministry in the 21st Century!

The Righteous Church of God

Constitutional Amendment

Righteous Church of God "Same Sex Marriage Statement"

The Righteous Church of God and Truth Association recognizes the rights extended to those of the LBGT community and same sex marriage via the Constitution.

However, The Righteous Church of God and Truth Association exercises First Amendment rights which allow us to invoke our utmost and sincerest convictions, that, by divine precepts, same sex marriage is not recognized in our religious teachings, doctrines or bylaws.

In accordance with our bylaws and beliefs, we adhere to our religious doctrines and the Biblical and traditional definition of marriage being one (1) man and (1) woman

(Genesis 2 and 1st Corinthians, Chapter 7).

The Righteous Church of God and Truth Association's bylaws and religious doctrines prohibit any civil ceremonies, including but not limited to marriage counseling, marital ceremony or marital reception, pertaining to same sex marriage to be performed on the Churchs' or associations' property.

Constitutional Amendment


What We Believe

1. We believe in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, in the original writings, as being the inspired, infallible, and inerrant Word of God; and that the Bible is our supreme and final authority in all matters regarding faith and life.

2. We believe in one Perfect, Infinite, Holy and Eternal God, Creator of all things, eternally existing in three Persons: the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, each having the same nature, attributes and perfection and each worthy of the same worship and obedience.

3. We believe that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead; and that He baptizes, seals, indwells, regenerates all believing sinners at the moment of salvation.

4. We believe in Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God; His virgin birth; His substitutionary sacrifice for our sins; His literal resurrection from the dead; His present ministry as our High Priest in heaven; and His in-person, literal, and imminent return.

5. We believe that salvation by grace through faith in the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ is available freely to every man; all who receive Him as Savior and Lord are born immediately into the family of God.

6. We believe that Jesus Christ gave two ordinances for His church to follow, THE LORD's SUPPER (Communion) and BAPTISM.

7. We believe in the personal, premillennial, and pretribulation rapture of the church; and that there will be a bodily resurrection of the unjust into the Great White Throne Judgment and the eventual condemnation to everlasting conscious punishment in the lake of fire.

8. We believe that each believer is an equal member of the Holy and Royal priesthood. Because all believers are priests, we need no mediator other than Jesus Christ to approach

Our Beliefs

Worship: We honor God through praise, prayer, and Communion with Him.

                                                                     John 4:24

Set me free from my prison, that I may praise your name Then the righteous will gather about me because of your goodness to me
Psalm 142:7

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